Founding 4 Successful Startups and still not satisfied: Manasvi Singh an endless entrepreneur

Continuous progress is the only thing that keeps a person satisfied and motivated in life. This is especially true for a special breed of people called entrepreneurs. While nobody wants to be stagnant at one position, people with an entrepreneurial bent of mind truly hate being stuck in a job or a company. That is why, they are always trying to create something new and making progress endlessly. This phenomenon is explained really well by Manasvi Singh an entrepreneur who has built not just one or two but 4 at a young age of 34. His entrepreneurial experience is unique as he has built businesses and then moved on to the next startup to start from scratch. He says – “Building businesses is a great experience, and I like achieving success but I do not believe in relaxing after the fact. I would rather use my intelligence and experience to move onto the next big idea and make it come to life.”



Starting from humble beginnings Manasvi Singh also went through his phase of education like most of Indian youth, completed his engineering and MBA from reputed institutions such as IMT Ghaziabad. Then he went on to work for some of the biggest brands in India such as Pepsico, Reebok and Vedanta, where he learned the importance and intricacies of marketing. However, working with big brands and a handsome salary did not seem to bring complete satisfaction to him, very soon he quit the job and started his journey as an entrepreneur. He first founded Buddy4Study, which is a platform for Indian students to find Global scholarships and financial aid for education. As per Manasvi Singh -“I founded Buddy4Study to ensure that education of Indian students does not get deprived due to scarcity of financial resources. Our research revealed that there are multiple scholarships and grants available globally for students but they are left unclaimed as students did not have the right platform to discover and apply for those, so Buddy4Study acted as a bridge to cover that gap.” Buddy4Study is the largest scholarship portal in India with over 5 million users.


After that Manasvi went on to establish another startup Piquic from scratch which is an AI driven content creation platform for ecommerce businesses. Piquic reduces the time and cost of content generation for ecommerce brands using AI without any human intervention. Under Manasvi’s leadership Piquic captured clients such as Amazon, Kmart, & Flipkart to generate a revenue of $30 million in just 2 years.


Currently Manasvi is the cofounder and CMO of OneTo11 which is his biggest and most ambitious project yet, it is World’s First blockchain gaming ecosystem – that rewards gamers for gameplay with monetary rewards. About OneTo11 Manasvi mentioned “My experience has shown me that new technology opens up new avenues not just for businesses but for people too. Technology has a transformative effect on people’s lives and entrepreneurs have the responsibility to realise the potential of technology.” OneTo11 already has 2.2 million users in just 15 months of launch and Manasvi as the CMO is responsible for developing and executing the strategy to achieve these results.


After building 4 startups Manasvi still believes in doing more as he is also a motivational speaker and published author of the book – ‘Pursuit of Life’. His belief in continuously finding something new to pursue and excel makes him a great example for budding entrepreneurs and youth of India.

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