Manasvi Singh’s Inspirational Journey Of Redefining Entrepreneurial Success

At an early age, Manasvi recognised his passion for identifying business problems & coming up with intelligent solutions. An MBA from IMT Ghaziabad, he worked with renowned brands like Reebok & Pepsico early in his career.

They say that – ‘Hustle beats talent when talent doesn’t hustle’, and Manasvi Singh’s journey exemplifies the adage. Kickstarting his entrepreneurial voyage at the age of 24, today, he has become one of the most iconic serial entrepreneurs of India who is followed by more than 100K followers on his social media platform.

At an early age, Manasvi recognised his passion for identifying business problems & coming up with intelligent solutions. An MBA from IMT Ghaziabad, he worked with renowned brands like Reebok & Pepsico early in his career. Working with top brands allowed Manasvi to gain extensive knowledge about the marketing requirements for building a successful business.

At the age of 24, Manasvi co-founded Buddy4Study it is a portal for all the students from school to postgraduate level looking for global scholarships & education financing. When Manasvi was asked what motivated him to come up with this portal, he said, “I believe that nothing should stop students from accessing quality education, the desire of a student to gain knowledge should always be supported. Hence, my team and I came up with Buddy4Study to ensure money never becomes a barrier between a student and the best possible education.” 

In 3 years, the startup grew exponentially to a valuation of $7.1 million. With a user base of 4.5 million, Buddy4Study is now India’s largest scholarship platform committed to providing end-to-end scholarships solutions to its users.

Piquic is another start-up venture of Manasvi, which is also a success story. While most people are realising today that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning hold the future, Manasvi envisioned it a long time ago and its utility in content creation for fashion brands. Piquic is India’s leading creative tech company, which uses AI & ML to create visual catalogue content at a fraction of a second with 1/10 of the cost without any human involvement.

Piquic has teamed up with more than 500 clients globally in the e-commerce space, including Amazon, Kmart, Flipkart, etc. The revenue for Piquic reached a $30 million milestone within 2.5 years of launch.

Manasvi’s recent entrepreneurial venture is OneTo11 which is the World’s First Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem. It is one of the first Play-To-Earn gaming platforms that use the power of blockchain to transform gaming into a consistent income-generating tool for all gamers. It features several gaming apps, an integrated wallet & a native NFT marketplace. 

Thanks to Manasvi’s strategic marketing skills and unconventional user acquisition tactics, around 2 million users registered on OneTo11 through organic means. He envisions making OneTo11 India’s first web 3.0 unicorn by providing monetary ROI to gamers for their skills and time. 

Another essential aspect of Manasvi’s life is fitness and sports. Not only is he one of the most recognised young entrepreneurs of India but also the fittest. His Journey to gain the title of India’s one of the fittest Entrepreneurs is a lesson in managing priorities when building a business. On asking about his fitness struggle, he says, “While working on my first startup, I gained 35 kgs. Shedding those extra weights was a task, and during that time, fitness wasn’t on the top of my priority. But I realised soon enough that a fit body is important for a healthy mind. After that, I ensured sports and fitness which engrained the qualities of discipline and perseverance in me got a proper allocation of time in my weekly schedule.” 

Manasvi promotes a healthy lifestyle via his social media account to inspire the youth struggling with physical or mental health issues. He aggressively promotes dedication to fitness for young entrepreneurs and business leaders, as it develops important characteristics in a person such as patience, ambition and self-belief, which are really important for life success. 

Entrepreneurial success is when you make a difference and give wings to other people’s dreams and Manasvi personifies this better than anyone else. To follow this belief, he frequently undertakes mentoring and problem-solving sessions using social media channels. 

To motivate and guide people, Manasvi shares his experience on various platforms such as TedX and jagranjosh. His Tedtalk got more than 20K views on YouTube. His only message to the youth is to ignore the naysayers, believe in yourself and fight the hardships till you win.

Today’s youth can get more insights about his Entrepreneurial journey, challenges, successes, and failures experienced from ‘The Pursuit of Life’ authored by Manasvi. Published by Write India Publishers, the book is different from other publications & the ideology behind it is to educate the youth, especially aspiring entrepreneurs, to be prepared for the harsh reality of the startup-up industry and life in general.

Manasvi’s journey has been unconventional yet inspiring. He dives deep into the individual challenges he faced and what it took to overcome every challenge in his book. His ideology for challenges is to look at them as a signal to find creative ways and inner strength to build Entrepreneurial Success.